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A.P. Casting Ltd. Israel

A.P. Casting Ltd. proudly presents a fabrication service especially designed to suite the most demanding requirements of the artist who sculpts in any possible material.

Experienced Fabrication Experts

30 years of top notch experience in working with virtually all kinds of materials in all shapes and sizes from the smallest, most fragile pieces to 8 tons, 9 meter tall landmarks have earned us our well- deserved reputation for expertise and outstanding production. Our excellent techniques and conscientious execution are recognized and respected by experts everywhere. Our productions are displayed in the finest museums throughout the world and can be found in the possession of the most discriminating collectors. Our ceramic shell casting department is equipped with the most modern method of fine art castings.

Casting of all Materials

We cast in bronze, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. We specialize in your specialty a smooth, polished finish or a strong, reinforced texture and a wide variety of patina. When we accept to undertake a project, we are ready to travel any place in the world to iron out all the details with the creator or with gallery directors. Our fabrication costs compare favorably with others on an international level both in Europe and the United States. In addition, we can secure comfortable lodging and even make arrangements for a work studio to keep the artist close to the fabrication scene. From the original model we are ready to produce according to your specifications.

Specializing in Your Specialty

You will be most pleased by our exacting delivery schedule. At A.P. casting we continue to concern ourselves even after production is completed. We will arrange to transport and insure your creation, either by ship or by air to any place in the world at a reduced price.